Zhuzhou high-speed rail works section 2021-06-03
The public works section of the Zhuzhou high-speed railway uses scientific and technological prevention and control methods. With the goal of "all-weather, all-round, automation, and informatization", we ensure that the operation process is controlled. The first is to set up a mobile video surveillance terminal at the operation site along the line, and supervise the whole process of the operation site through the safety production command center to realize real-time monitoring and dialogue of the operation; the second is to establish a GPS positioning monitoring system for station patrol, flaw detection and line operation; The on-site shift personnel establish a recording monitoring system; the fourth is to set up a monitoring platform in the safety production command center to monitor and analyze all the station and the line operations of the EMU; fifth, it is equipped with a high-definition camera with camera and time display functions to take pictures or videos of the hidden dangers and problems found, and leave image data.
The Zhuzhou high-speed railway section now needs to build a set of digital, networked, visualized, and centralized means, with the goal of improving functions, meeting needs, and facilitating work, and designing it as a command center with modern intelligent conference and operational command functions, so as to realize modern operational command, remote consultation, operation and maintenance management, and business needs in different environments.

The contents of the construction include: large-screen display system, audio sound reinforcement system, conference system, video conference system, distributed display system, intelligent control system, etc.; a set of equipment is used for centralized control, which can manage a variety of different equipment on site at the same time to meet the needs of conference use, simple and convenient operation, and convenient maintenance.

The large screen display system adopts led display large screen, the screen is divided into 8 display areas, that is, each area corresponds to a sending card, with the GEFFEN Geffen dual-engine distributed system, the large screen can be arbitrarily spliced, superimposed, roaming and other display operations, access to the signal source is completely visual preview, easy to operate.

The conference system adopts a paperless conference system, which includes a microphone and a paperless display system, with the GEFFEN Geffen dual-engine distributed system, which can push the paperless system content to the large screen, and can also project other video conference content to the paperless, and various devices can be used together.

In order to realize the centralized control in the conference room, as well as the switching and recording of video conference content, the GEFFEN Geffen dual-engine distributed intelligent control system is used to control all the equipment in the conference room, which can be operated at the same time with large screen switch and equipment power switch, etc., the operation is simple and convenient, and all the equipment in the conference room can be controlled through an ipad; the operator can press the button operation on the controlled equipment according to the need, and the operation is simple and convenient.

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