8 customizable Wallplate Control Panel

GEFFEN8-Button Control Panel Wall Plate , the programmable button control panel, has 8 dimmable LED crystal buttons, each button can be programmed according to the actual situation of the project, and each button can be used independently of each other. It has a variety of interfaces: 3 RS232 ports, 1 RS485 port, 3 infrared emission ports, and 2 relay control ports, which are convenient for controlling various devices. It is simple, practical, safe and reliable control mode, and is a good helper for you in conference rooms, exhibition halls, classrooms, multimedia classrooms and other engineering projects.

8 customizable Wallplate Control Panel support each button supports page and toggle setting. 

It has RS232, RS485, IR & relay control ports, availing to control PTN products and any other 3rd party devices. There are 2 colors for option.

● 8 customizable button.

● Offers multiple controls via RS232, RS485, IR, and relay.

● Supports IR learning.

● Supports page, toggle, compare and delay setting.

● Customizable and changeable labels.

● Button light adjustable.

● ID loop function, max up to 99 pcs WP8 for control.

● Firmware updatable via USB.

GEFFEN 8-Button Control Panel Wall Plate is a programmable control panel that is designed to control your audio/video devices using infrared (IR), RS-232, RS-485, and relay communication. Every button on the wall plate is programmable and works either individually or together. This programmable control panel consists of 3x RS232, 1x RS485, 3x IR, 2x relays, and 1x mini USB interface for easy, one-touch programming.
The RS-232 (1) and IR (2) share the same port and cannot be used at the same time. Also, RS232 (2) and IR (3) share the same port and cannot be used at the same time. With this unit you can fully control our products as well as third-party devices such as projectors, screens, TVs, etc.
To download pre-configured drivers and RS-232 commands for the device you wish to control, visit the download section on this page or contact our support team.

• Program using: USB cable (included) or RS-232 cable (not included)
• Program port: USB or RS-232
• Output port: 3x RS-232, 1x RS-485, 3x IR, 2x relay
• Serial control port: RS-232
• Baud rate and protocol: 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
• Software: GF-Control
• Frequency response: 20Hz, 20KHz
• Power supply: DC 12V/2A

√ PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS: Each of the 8 buttons can be individually programmed through mini USB or IR learning via the provided PC software (available download through our website). The buttons can be programmed to work independently or as part of a group based on user preference.

√ CONTROL END DEVICES: Use the control panel to send bi-directional commands to compliant devices via RS-232, RS-458, IR, and relay. Third-party devices such as projectors, screens, and TVs can also be controlled.

√ COMPATIBLE WITH J-TECH DIGITAL BRAND PRODUCTS: Integrate this control panel system with our manageable devices including our HDMI matrices, switches, and multi-viewers.

√ BACKLIT BUTTONS WITH READY-MADE LABELS: Identify each button on your control panel using one of the many included ready-made labels to simplify controlling your devices, making them easy to understand and operate. Some of the included label titles are: on, off, up, down, and more.

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