8 customizable Wallplate Control Panel

GEFFEN central control series GF-PR8, the programmable button control panel, has 8 dimmable LED crystal buttons, each button can be programmed according to the actual situation of the project, and each button can be used independently of each other. It has a variety of interfaces: 3 RS232 ports, 1 RS485 port, 3 infrared emission ports, and 2 relay control ports, which are convenient for controlling various devices. It is simple, practical, safe and reliable control mode, and is a good helper for you in conference rooms, exhibition halls, classrooms, multimedia classrooms and other engineering projects.

8 customizable Wallplate Control Panel support each button supports page and toggle setting. 

It has RS232, RS485, IR & relay control ports, availing to control PTN products and any other 3rd party devices. There are 2 colors for option.

● 8 customizable button.

● Offers multiple controls via RS232, RS485, IR, and relay.

● Supports IR learning.

● Supports page, toggle, compare and delay setting.

● Customizable and changeable labels.

● Button light adjustable.

● ID loop function, max up to 99 pcs WP8 for control.

● Firmware updatable via USB.

Each button can be programmed to control peripherals (cameras, projectors, etc.) via serial RS232 and RS485.
Support serial port receiving function, used for linkage control. It can also be used for secondary development.
Each button can be set to send an infrared code, control the relay, and control the peripherals via the corresponding port.
Connect to a computer via RS232 or USB to learn Xi infrared.
With ID cascade function, up to 99 units can be cascaded, of which up to 10 interactive machines can be used, and each machine can be identified by ID (01~99).
It has USB and RS232 selection control and PR8 Builder software settings.
It has the ability to customize the key labels.

The individual ports of the product are designed on the rear cover of the main unit and include:
Cascade port (NET), RS232 port, RS485 port, infrared (IR) port, relay (Relay), power supply (PWR) port, etc.

(1) This port is divided into two parts: one part is RS232 (2), which is used to connect the controlled device or do the cascade output, and the other part is RS232 (3), which can be used to connect the controlled device, PC connection port or cascade input port. The two porters share a common ground.
(2) This port includes: RS232(1) serial port, IR2 infrared port, IR1 port, RS485 port:
A. The RS232(1) serial port shares one port with the IR2 IR port, and can only perform one operation at a time, that is, if it is used for serial port operation, it cannot be used for IR control, and if it is used for IR control, it can no longer be used for serial port operation. RS232(1) can be used to communicate with external devices.
B. IR1 port is set up via the Pr8 Builder software
C. The RS485 port can send command code to an external device equipped with an RS485 serial port and control the external device accordingly.
(3) RELAY1 and RELAY2 low-voltage relay ports: set the relay on and off through Pr8 Builder software.
(4) Power input port: the voltage is 12V DC. The positive terminal of the power supply is connected to the "+12 VDC" of the unit, and the negative pole of the power supply is connected to the "" of the unit, and the reverse connection is prohibited.

This product can be directly embedded and installed on the wall or desktop, according to the size of the hole in the figure below, open a hole of appropriate size on the desktop or wall, the hole depth is at least 25mm, pay attention to the position and height of the four screws on the back panel.
Place the control panel into the hole, as shown in the picture on the right, adjust it so that it is flush with the desktop or wall, and tighten the screws at both ends to fix the control panel.

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