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The method of double opening and triple opening of
An obvious trend is that many enterprises have begun to try to use WeCom to operate their business, but there will still be many problems, such as a computer can only log in to WeCom, which will seriously restrict human efficiency.
In fact, the upper limit of a single employee account of WeCom can reach 20,000 friends, and the demand for more WeCom is not as strong as using WeChat for the time being, but if you want to open more, there are still ways, which are simple and easy to use, safe and risk-free.
Today, I would like to introduce to you 4 effective ways to open more WeCom for your reference:
1. Modify the system registry to achieve double opening
2. Use procexp64.exe to achieve three openings
3. Use VM virtual machines to achieve multi-opening
4. Use cloud servers to achieve multi-opening

Enterprise and micro double open tutorial:

Modify the system registry to achieve dual opening
(1) Press and hold Win+R at the same time to open the running program, and enter the command: regedit in the input box to open the system registry


Double-click the multi_instances, change the numerical data to any number greater than 2, click OK to save, and then double-click on the desktop to run WeCom, you can achieve double opening.

After confirmation, check again whether the value of the multi_instances is the data we modified, if it is 0, you need to modify it again, if the data is correct, then click the shortcut of WeCom, you can open another WeCom.

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