Inner Mongolia City Brain 2022-10-05

Hohhot City Brain was recently selected into the 2021 TOP10 list of smart city cases announced by Internet Weekly, which fully shows that Hohhot has achieved remarkable results in the construction of smart cities, and the level of urban fine management has reached a new level.

The first "city-level" intelligent hub in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region took only 100 days to create a new speed in the construction of China's urban brain. In December of the same year, the results of Hohhot City Brain 2.0 were released, which pressed the fast-forward button for the "intelligent" transformation of the capital city.

The city brain always perceives the "pulse" of the city. "Smart Urban Management" relies on AI algorithms to intelligently capture and identify urban management problems in 12 types of scenarios, such as store operations and mobile vendor incidents, in real time, while "Smart Emergency" realizes "clear information, on-site seeing, and instructions", and uses technology to protect the safety of the city.
City Brain brings a better life to citizens. "Smart Parking" provides citizens with real-time and comprehensive parking resource inquiry and guidance services, opening up a new travel experience for citizens in the capital, and "Smart Comprehensive Management" allows everyone to participate in the construction of a safe Qingcheng and enhances the people's sense of gain, happiness and security...... A smart Qingcheng of "good governance, industrial development, and benefiting the people" is accelerating its formation in the northern Xinjiang of the motherland.
It is worth mentioning that Hohhot has also been selected as one of the "2021 China's Leading Smart Cities", among the "2021 Top 100 Digital Transformation List" and "2021 Top 100 Digital Governance List", etc., and has achieved remarkable results in smart cities and become a new model of smart cities in the central and western regions.
It is understood that Hohhot uses digital intelligence to empower the city and give it a new look. The project team of Chengyun Hoshi said that Chengyun will continue to help the construction of smart cities and draw a beautiful landscape of "beautiful green city and grassland city".

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