16-channel Linux network full-terminal programmabl

 GEFFEN Linux series is a new generation of central control host for communication, control and maintenance through the Internet network, which provides a wealth of communication and control interfaces. Cross-platform ad hoc network control is its core part, human-computer interaction is not limited by the operating system, and the display operation terminal can be a computer, a tablet, a button panel, a Linux operating system, a third-party Internet of Things platform or a general industrial platform or MQTT Internet of Things, mainly to realize spatial equipment autonomous computing management and control operations.

    It is widely used in exhibition halls, lecture halls, command vehicles, multimedia conference halls, command halls, civil air defense engineering, intelligent teaching, radio and television engineering, intelligent traffic management centers, centralized control centers, intelligent computer room management or agricultural automation and other industries.

◆ Multi-core ARM® DSP processor
◆ DDR4 running memory, large-capacity Flash memory
◆ Built-in Ethernet adaptive network interface
◆ Built-in WAN self-organizing network and operation and maintenance monitoring
◆ Support extended WIFI wireless networking control
◆ Support RF wireless, long-distance communication expansion
◆ Support NET equipment bus control, safe and reliable
◆ The period can be set, and the system controls the electrical equipment in the order of the setting time
◆ It can turn on and off the PC computer and wake up the network, and can control the audio and video playback interaction and slide presentation on the PC side
◆ 8 channels of independent programmable infrared emission ports, support to control multiple identical or different infrared devices
◆ 16 independent programmable RS-232/422/485 control interfaces, user-programmable custom control protocols and codes
◆ The host supports one-click restore and factory reset and retains user projects, and supports user-defined authorization and term definition
◆ Support remote platform management and maintenance, upload engineering/restart equipment, support Ethernet, 4G/5G network remote ad hoc network, remote remote multi-machine and multi-device synchronous control
◆ Support 2 power supply RS-NET bus signal management interfaces, which can be expanded to up to 255 devices for online management at the same time
◆ C language arbitrarily controls the writing of operation logic and algorithm implementation, and supports one-click login for permission management
◆ Support third-party IoT platforms Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, JD IoT and other MQTT IoT platforms

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