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GEFFEN Technology was recognized as an innovative

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the 2023 first batch of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province, and Guangzhou Gefen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gefen Technology") has successfully passed the "Guangdong Province Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" certification by virtue of its own technical level and innovation capabilities。

 Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises refer to enterprises with a high level of specialization, strong innovation ability and development potential, and their evaluation criteria include six indicators in three categories: innovation ability, growth and specialization, which is the "certification" mark of enterprise innovation ability.

Founded in 2008, Guangzhou Gefen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a R&D-oriented enterprise that develops, produces and sells professional audio and video signal processing equipment and communication application solutions with streaming media. Geffen Technology products and equipment have passed the CCC certification issued by the China Quality Certification Center. It has obtained a number of invention patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, CNAS test reports recognized by national laboratories, etc.
With the development of science and technology, audio and video technology and related equipment occupy an extremely important position in enterprises, and play an important role in improving people's communication methods and information transmission. Professionally designed AV systems deliver high-quality audio and video information on demand, enabling efficient information sharing.
With more than 100 devices and a wide range of products, Geffen Technology gives system designers the flexibility to choose the best solution for each application. At present, the main equipment includes: ITO control system, KVM agent collaboration management system, KVM optical fiber matrix, video processor, hybrid matrix and industry peripheral equipment, including high-definition optical transceiver, 4K optical transceiver, twisted pair transmission equipment, network transmission equipment, power management system, etc. It has been widely used in command centers, data control centers, dispatch centers, monitoring centers, conference centers and other industries, and is widely used in military and police, justice, emergency response, government, transportation, energy, finance, education, media, medical care, high-end manufacturing and other related fields. Geffen Technology's excellent equipment design team, product testing mechanism, and technical training will always escort your career.
The expertise of Geffen Technologies equipment lies in its efficient collaboration performance, which allows for seamless integration with your IT infrastructure by creating a complete integration solution. Gefen Technology's equipment has been widely recognized by the market for its reliable performance and perfect service, and has been widely used in various important institutions in China, such as: China State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Chinese Academy of Sciences, a fleet, the General Department of the Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (formerly the 501 Department of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace), Shanghai Shimao Building, Shenzhen Qianhai Shimao Building, Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Convention Center, Inner Mongolia Hohhot City Brain, Hainan Country Garden Hilton Hotel, It is applied in key national and provincial projects such as the Digital Forestry and Grassland Command Center in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan.

This award fully affirms the achievements of Geffen Technology in technological innovation, product research and development, talent construction and other aspects over the years, and is a high recognition of the company's innovation ability and development potential.

In the future, Geffen Technology will continue to improve its innovation ability and R&D level under the guidance of the national innovation strategy, adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation, continuously consolidate the core frontier of the professional field, and take the national policy as the benchmark to move towards the development path of "specialization, refinement, special innovation".

GEFFEN is specialized in processinghigh definition video signals for years. wehave developed and produced a series ofpro video devices, including signalconverter, multi-viewer, optical fiberconverter, signal distribution amplifiersignal generator and matrix switcher, etc.
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