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What Does A Wireless Video Extender Do?
You don't need to run any wires in your home. GEFFEN Wireless HDMI Extender can wirelessly stream content from any AV device to your TV at 1080p@60Hz Full HD quality, allowing you to watch Full HD video anywhere in your home.
With a wireless HDMI extender, you can have a fully immersive HD home theater experience without any cable constraints. You can enjoy your favorite movies in your bedroom or living room. You can also watch a football game with friends in your living room and cheer on your favorite team.
GEFFEN is specialized in processinghigh definition video signals for years. wehave developed and produced a series ofpro video devices, including signalconverter, multi-viewer, optical fiberconverter, signal distribution amplifiersignal generator and matrix switcher, etc.
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