8 I/O HD 4K modular matrix switcher

The GF-MIX modular matrix switcher series are a group of flexible configuration switchers which can cross-switch multiple types of signals. High-performance hardware design ensures its support for various high definition digital and analog signals, bi-directional RS-232 and IR control and signal management. 

The GF-MIX series  can splice one input graphic signal into multiple channels and disperse to different display units to form a complete large-scale frame. This can provide one-stop solution for mulitiple types of visual signals and control signals switching and processing in various industries, especially for Broadcasting and Television Projects, Multimedia Meeting Rooms, Big Display Projects, TV Education, Smart Traffic Management Centers, and Command Center, etc.

●Adopt plug-in card type, modular plug-in card design, 8 input and 8 output, seamless instantaneous switching, no black screen, no slow transition process.
●Adopt high-speed digital switching chip, support high-definition input and output, support 3D, with super anti-interference and all-weather working ability.
★DVI.VGA.AV.HDMI input boards all have audio input, and the audio can be integrated into the HDMI output video, that is, the HDMI cable at the output end can transmit the input video and audio at the same time, and there is no need to connect another audio cable when connecting HDMI display devices such as TVs.
★DVI, VGA, AV, HDMI output boards all support independent audio output, and the audio signal can be output in HDMI digital interface and 3.5 audio analog interface at the same time.
●Optional network port, optional IPAD.Android control software, to achieve wireless mobile control.
● Support HDCP, support Blu-ray, DVD, Mac, etc., no need for another decoder.
●Built-in input equalization, output amplification circuit, input plus output transmission distance is greater than 50 meters.
●With serial port control, standard computer control software, can accept third-party equipment control such as central control.
●All input ports support on-site rewriting of EDID, and the output port can read back EDID with good compatibility.
●High-grade blue light LCD screen is adopted, which can display the switching status of each channel of the equipment, input signal characteristics and other information, which is convenient for switching control.
●It has the function of power-off memory, with power-off on-site protection, and automatically returns to the original working state when the machine is restarted.
●Support signal splicing and segmentation.
●Support VGA, CVBS.S-Video, YPbPr.DVI, HDMI, SDI any board input.
●Support VGA, CVBS.S-Video, YPbPr.DVI, HDMI arbitrary board output.
●Bandwidth: 5.25Gbps, Gain: 0dB, Bit Clock Jitter: <0.15Tbit, Bit Rise Time: <0.3Tbit(20%--80%), Bit Fall Time: <0.3Tbit(20%--80%), Maximum Transmission Delay: 5nS, Switching Speed: 200ns (Maximum).

●The matrix host can be configured with modular input and output signal cards, 2-way board settings, support multi-channel audio and video switching interfaces, and can be hot-swappable and plug-and-play.

●Adopt FPGA architecture, internal self-built core computing mechanism, no embedded operating system, adaptive various signal input and output cards through HDR technology color restoration and enhancement effect.

●Seamless signal card can be optionally configured for real-time switching to ensure that there is no black point between image switching intervals, and the effect of instantaneous switching is achieved to ensure the smooth operation of the transition.

True cross-switching, regardless of signal format, can be switched from any input to any output, and audio and video can be switched independently;

●The product control mode is flexible and diverse: button control, infrared remote control, serial port control, optional network card support TCP and built-in GUI user operation interface supports cross-platform control and management, supports Android, IOS, Windows system, and does not need to install any software and plug-ins.

Bus switching technology, each signal is transmitted by a separate dedicated channel to ensure the real-time display of all signal images;

●Support the acquisition of 4K60hz signal format, the output is completely up to 4K ultra-high definition, pixel-level synchronous transmission, no compression, no frame loss, no jamming, to provide users with perfect and detailed image display effect.

●Support HDMI, VGA, DVI, SDI, HDBaseT, POE, AV, chromatic aberration, optical fiber input and output signal cards, and a variety of signal cards to form a switching system, easily solve the long-distance transmission of signals.

Support HDMI1.4a, HDCP compatible, support 3D, support HDBaseT technology integration, support twisted pair and optical fiber transmission input and output signal card;

●Support EDID rewritable and EDID adaptive functions, better adapt to the diverse display devices in the field, and improve compatibility.

●Support key locking to prevent misoperation.

●Support scenario-based control, one-key storage, one-key call, scene polling, and power-off memory function.

*Independent automatic signal compensation technology can greatly improve the differential mode transmission loss in the range of 1.5GHz.

*Provide the function of self-test of each module and operation of the equipment.

●The equipment has the function of frequency doubling and multiplication, which scales the image signal and enhances the display of frequency doubling, and uniformly processes the signals of different resolutions to output the signals of the same resolution;

●Support audio and video separation, audio and video synthesis transmission. The independent audio interface supports audio input fusion, audio output de-embedding, and mute by control. The volume can be adjusted.

Unique pixel clock technology, providing good output transmission and accurate time;

●Support screen splicing, through the independent image magnification algorithm, the image output resolution can be adjusted.

●Support power-down protection, no loss of parameters and function settings when power-off;

●Smooth air duct design and exhaust system ensure 7*24 hours of uninterrupted and stable work at full load.

● Support button, IR and RS232 control, optional TCP/IP control, and compatible with third-party control;

●International standard power supply support (AC100~AC240V, 50/60Hz), safety certification.

Product model




0 dB


165MHz, All digital

The maximum resolution is supported


The bit clock is jittering(Clock Jitter)

<0.15 Tbit

bit rise time(Risetime )

<0.3Tbit (20%--80%)

bit drop time(Falltime)

<0.3Tbit (20%--80%)

Maximum transmission delay


Switching speed

200 ns(Maximum)

Signal type

DVI-D all-digital T.M.D.S signal in the DVI 1.0 specification

Video input


Signal strength

T.M.D.S +/- 0.4Vpp

Min/Max level

T.M.D.S  2.9V/3.3V


50 Ω

Enter the EDID 

Use the system default EDID

Maximum DC bias error


The maximum input distance is recommended

  Less than 36 meters at 1600x1200@60 (certified DVI cables, 

   such as MolexTM cables are recommended)

Video output


Min/Max level

T.M.D.S  2.9V/3.3V


50 Ω

The maximum output distance is recommended

  Less than 10 meters at 1920x1200@60 (certified DVI cables, 

   such as MolexTM cables are recommended)

Control the kind

Serial control interface

RS-232, 9-pin female D-mount

Baud rate with protocol

Baud rate: 9600, data bits: 8 bits, stop bits: 1, no parity bits

Serial control port structure

2 = TX, 3 = RX, 5 = GND


power supply

100VAC ~ 240VAC, 50/60 Hz, International Adaptive Power Supply

Maximum power consumption

50W max


Storage and use temperature: -20 ~ +70°C


Humidity for storage and use:10% ~ 90%

Chassis size(mm)


Product weight

about 10kg

Mean time between failures

30,000 hours 

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