HDMI16 in, 8 in, 2 channels synchronous output aut

The GEFFEN HDMI Switcher Series HDH-16:2 Switcher provides users with a flexible way to apply it to HD home theater and electronic device systems. Plug and play, the HDH-16:2 switcher connects 16 HDMI sources, such as HDMI DVD systems, and then connects the switcher's output to 2 HDMI display devices. You can easily use the IR remote control to select the source you want to display on the display device. It can also be controlled via RS232. This is an effective and reliable solution that eliminates the need to buy multiple display devices, and the HDH-16:2 switcher does not require additional power supply to operate. Support HDMI1.4 3D, support HD resolution 3840X2160, support 3D video transmission, support 4KX2K video transmission, and comply with HDCP standard, support EDID read and write, support IR control, support automatic switching, support RS-232, support TCP-IP, WAP, IE control, metal chassis.

● Support HD resolution will reach 4K*2K

● Support DVI1.0; HDMI1.4, HDCP decryption


●Built-in EDID and DDC management

● One-click EDID read and write

●Support IE and handheld control

● Support TCP-IP management

●32-bit MCU central control IC

●HDMI signal standard image processing IC

●HDMI signal automatic detection function

●RS232 serial control interface of RJ45 mode, which is convenient for third-party equipment to control

●Fast switching function, up to 200 nanoseconds

●Situational state storage, automatic hot standby function in the system

GEFFEN is specialized in processinghigh definition video signals for years. wehave developed and produced a series ofpro video devices, including signalconverter, multi-viewer, optical fiberconverter, signal distribution amplifiersignal generator and matrix switcher, etc.
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