HDBaseT ground-plugged 4K audio and video signal l
GEFFEN Geffen Technology's GF-TPHD series products use HDBaseT transmission mode to achieve high-fidelity transmission of visual and audio signals, avoid the loss of signals in the transmission process, and reduce the trouble of on-site wiring and save costs by transmitting signals through a network cable. The use of embedded installation, and the surrounding environment as a whole, so that the overall layout is relatively neat and simple, the product adopts a chassis design, the standardized design makes the product installation more simple and fast, so that the product is effectively protected.

Through Cat6 twisted pair cable, it can achieve signal transmission of up to 70~100 meters, which is far better than the current HDMI, VGA, and Display-Port standards, and is the best choice for long-distance transmission. Common ones such as projectors, TVs, mixing matrices, HD players, etc. Support POC/POE function. It is equipped with an HDMI input interface, which converts the received HDMI signal into HDBaseT format and outputs it through the RJ45 interface. At the same time, GEFFEN GF-TPHD table/wall/floor series also supports infrared input and RS232 input, which can output IR signals, RS232 signals and HDBaseT signals to the receiver at the same time.

●HDBaseT transmission technology is used to realize uncompressed and delay-free transmission of HDMI image signals.
●The use of a single network cable (CAT-5E/6) can realize long-distance transmission of HDMI signals, which greatly saves engineering wiring.
●The product is compatible with IEEE-568B standard.
●Support CEC/IR/RS232 transparent transmission.
●Comply with HDCP2.2 and HDMI2.0 standards, support EDID management.
●Support bidirectional PoE function, power supply at either end.
*Support the sender or receiver to use with HDBaset POE matrix.
●LED indicator is used to display the working status in real time.
●The maximum distance of HDMI signal transmission with a resolution of 1080P is 70 meters for a single CAT5e/CAT6a cable, and the maximum distance for HDMI signal with a transmission resolution of 4K@60Hz is 40 meters.
*The 100m version is optional, and the maximum distance of HDMI signal transmission with 1080P resolution is 100m for a single CAT5e/CAT6a cable, and the maximum distance for HDMI signal with 4K@60Hz resolution is 70m.

GEFFEN is specialized in processinghigh definition video signals for years. wehave developed and produced a series ofpro video devices, including signalconverter, multi-viewer, optical fiberconverter, signal distribution amplifiersignal generator and matrix switcher, etc.
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