Audio and video matrix central control system Inte
Audio and Video Matrix Central Control System Integrated Programmable Intelligent AV Management Host Intelligent Multimedia Management Host is a multimedia management system that includes matrix, central control, audio processor, splicing, combined with face recognition, and AI intelligent voice control. One host can meet the basic needs of a conference system and support integrated management and control.
★ Built-in matrix 8-channel HDMI signal input, 8-channel HDMI signal output.

●The front panel supports button control, LCD status display, and supports direct viewing and modification of IP information.

●Built-in 8 in and 8 out audio processor, support tablet control.

● DSP audio processing, built-in automatic mixing console, optional feedback cancellation, noise cancellation module.

★ Inputs per channel: preamp, signal generator, expander, compressor, 5-band parametric equalization.

●Output per channel: 31-segment graphic equalizer, delay, divider, limiter.

●Full-featured matrix mixing function, built-in automatic camera tracking function, support scene preset function.

●Support optional 4-channel Dante network audio signal input and output interfaces.

● Built-in network programmable central control, self-developed ARM-EVENT logical event algorithm, ARM 32-bit processor, fully programmable, open interface.

● Built-in 700Hz high-speed processor, 512M memory, 1G FLASH.

● No less than 8 independent programmable RS-232/422/485 control interfaces.

●No less than 8 weak current relay interfaces and 8 digital input/output IO interfaces.

●No less than 8 infrared programmable control interfaces, built-in infrared Xi, can support the control of all peripheral infrared devices (such as: DVD/TV), and a single infrared interface can be connected to control multiple different devices at the same time.

●Support network communication: CT-NET, CT-LINK; TCP/IP;Three network communication modes;Support network port upload or download program.

●Support multi-conference room mutual control, remote upload and maintenance program.

★ It supports multimedia computer control, which can control hundreds of multimedia computers at the same time, and can control video playback pause, volume level, PPT speech page turning, etc.

●Built-in Web web server, host-free programming software, built-in modular event programming server.

● The host has 1 NET network control interface, which can be used for external function expansion, and can be connected to 255 network devices in parallel.

★ Remote centralized intelligent control, the system can communicate across the network, and can control no less than 1,000 network devices.

★ Support client control management, user control and operation logs support multi-user/password login, permission assignment, log recording/historical operation record query/export and purge.

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