Programmable central control host with display con
The programmable central control system adopts an industrial-grade 32-bit embedded ARM processor with a frequency of 200MIPS. Equipped with large memory to quickly process complex logic instructions, powerful built-in programmable interface, BPCC can control almost all external devices (including third-party devices), and the unique BP BUS bus system can be expanded up to 256 network devices. THE BUILT-IN NETWORK CARD THAT SUPPORTS MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS IS CONVENIENT FOR MULTIPLE IPADS, IPHONES AND OTHER DEVICES TO CONNECT TO THE HOST.

● 8 IR emitting ports, each independent of each other (only one IR port is active at any time).
● 8 independent digital input and output I/O ports, input and output voltage range DC 0~5V, current 0-10mA.
● 8 independent weak current relay interfaces.
● 8-channel bidirectional programmable RS-232/422/485 communication interface.
● 1 RS232 auxiliary program transmission interface.
● Download the user program via the Internet.
● An Enternet interface(supporting TCPIP protocol) is used to connect WIFI devices such as Ipad,and support up to 16 WIFI touch screens such as Ipad to connect to the host at the same time.

● Support sending TCP/IP and UDP codes.
● Built-in matrix control module that can program a matrix control program in 5 minutes.
● Support centralized management of meeting rooms: Centralized query of the working status of multiple conference rooms, and one-click shutdown of conference room equipment.
● Users establish their own infrared code database, which can realize infrared logic control such as one-click dual code. Larger capacity IR storage space.
● The timing lock function can be set.
● Provide open programmable control platform, humanized Chinese operation interface and interactive control structure.
● Support Android,Ipad/Iphone,wired touch screen,wall switch and other control interfaces.
● There is a 4.3-inch LCD touch screen on the front panel, which can display the IP address and change the IP address. You can edit the control buttons.

● CPU: 200MIPS industrial-grade ARM926CPU
● Working temperature: 5-45 degrees
● Operating humidity range: 10% to 90% RH
● IO interface level: input and output voltage range DC 0~5V, current 0-10mA;
● IR carrier: 38KHZ
● Power supply: 110-240VAC 65W adaptive power supply;
● Bus output power supply: DC24V 1A
● Size: Standard 2U chassis
● Product Size: Panel Length: 48.2 (cm) Body Length: 43.2 (cm) Width: 23.2 (cm) Height: 8.3 (cm)
● Weight: 2.54KG

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