16-channel programmable network central control ho
GF-NCCH is a classic programmable control host upgraded product, which can be matched with Apple IPAD, Android touch screen, etc., with a simple and economical interface. It integrates LAN communication port, IR (infrared control port), I/O port, RELAY (weak relay), COM (communication control port), etc. Using global integration technology, it provides a high-speed and accurate centralized control environment, an open user programming interface, and can complete a variety of complex control interface programming.

●Dual-core CPU, using American ATMEL industrial-grade embedded processing chip, 32-bit embedded processor with a main frequency of 700MHz, 1G memory, 4G Nandflash flash memory, can run complex logic instructions at high speed. Provide an open programmable control platform, a user-friendly Chinese operation interface and an interactive control structure.
●Multiple communication: support RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, DMX512, Bus communication, through the Bus without entering the control command to complete the programming. Using SystemBuilderV3.0 and TouchBuilderV4.0 macro processing modules, a highly integrated and flexible centralized control system is established in a short period of time.
●With port multiplexing function, it supports 8 serial ports with customizable protocols, can be configured with RS-232, RS-485, RS422, DMX512, and can be programmed by users to set a variety of control protocols and codes.
●1 AUX IN audio input and 1 Lineout audio output, which can adjust the volume and mute.
●8 contacts, each channel can support 30V/1A DC, 125V/0.5A AC load.
●Support 12 channels of customizable IO input and output and infrared output, and support infrared modulation signal transmission of full-band carriers. The powerful built-in programmable interface allows GF-NCC to control almost any external device, including third-party devices. Users can establish their own database of infrared codes, which can be downloaded from the company's website, and can realize one-click control mode and other operations.
●8 independent programmable infrared emission interfaces, support the control of multiple identical or different infrared devices.
●Support 2 channels with 24V power supply CAN bus signal management.
* Support real-time feedback of equipment status, and organically integrate various systems of the multimedia environment.
* Expand up to 8 RS232, or IR.
●Support infrared Xi interface, built-in full-band carrier infrared Xi, configure 1 infrared simulation interface.
●The system can be expanded by wire.
●The system can be expanded wirelessly or wired, and a single system supports the expansion of 255 bus devices.
● Support custom macros, editable macros, and macro imports or exports.
●Support graphical and sentence programming.
●It can be controlled by multiple platforms, and supports simultaneous control of Android, IOS and Windows.
* Automatic clock timing setting function, which can execute user-defined time reservation function, and the reservation action can be reached by year, month, day, hour, minute, and second;
●Support central control firmware update.
●Support local control methods such as no/wired touch screen, wall panel, etc.
* Support custom ways to restrict or prohibit the use of central control.
●International wide adaptation power supply design (AC100~240V), support seamless integration of CCSEB technology, applicable to any country and region.
● 2U black piano lacquer chassis design, in line with international chassis standards, can be installed on any 19 inch cabinet.

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